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Allied Health

The Allied Health group of AWH includes seven different professions. These are:    

  • Dietetics
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Social Work
  • Speech Pathology.

These professionals offer services across the entire health care continuum of Albury Wodonga Health service. This includes both inpatient & community services at both Albury and Wodonga campuses.

The Allied Health group also includes Allied Health Assistants who assist the Allied Health Professionals to provide clinical programs for both individuals & groups.

Therapeutic interventions in Allied Health are provided on a priority system. The priority system is in line with AWH’s & the Victorian Department of Health’s priorities as well as community & client need.

The Allied Health professionals at AWH provide their services within an evidence based practice and are committed to service review and continuous quality improvement.

Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal Services are located in the Allied Health area at both Albury and Wodonga campus. Why are you asked if you identify as Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander decent? Your answer will help us to plan appropriate health services.


The podiatrists at Albury Wodonga Health see people who are at risk of amputation, who have either: • An active foot ulcer • Charcot neuroarthropathy • Poor blood supply to their feet (peripheral vascular disease) • Altered sensation affecting their feet (neuropathy) The podiatrists provide: • An outpatient service based at the Wodonga campus. • An outreach service to Tallangatta, Walwa and Corryong. • A cross campus inpatient service on referral by nursing, medical or allied health staff.

Diabetes Education

AWH Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) provide an inpatient and outpatient service for everyone with Diabetes within the AWH catchment area. The CDE role is underpinned by a core body of knowledge and expertise in all areas of Diabetes

Continence Services

Over two million Australians have difficulty controlling their bladder or bowel at somtime in their lives. Usually these problems can be improved or even cured.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehab programs are run on both sites to help people recover from a cardiac event, decrease the risk of further cardiac events, learn how they can reduce the workload on their heart and help it to function more efficiently. People who

Exercise Physiology

Accredited Exercise Physiologists - TheAccredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP’s) hold a four-year university degree and are allied health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of chronic


The Dietetics Department provides clinical nutrition and Dietetics to all admitted services streams and community based programs across AWH as well as working collaboratively with AWH Foodservice.  Dieticians assess people’s nutritional

Fracture Clinic

Fracture Clinic is held weekly within the Physiotherapy Department at Albury Hospital. The clinic is serviced by a multidisciplinary team including medical, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and administration services. Referral to the clinic

Occupational Therapy

Albury Wodonga Health Occupational Therapy service strives to enhance people's quality of life by enabling them to participate in chosen life occupations. Occupations include all the activities that occupy people's time such as self-care tasks,


Physiotherapy involves the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of human movement, with special emphasis on the musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiovascular systems. The AWH Physiotherapy team provides inpatient

Social Work

Social Work provides support for people with health related issues who require assistance with social supports and social issues. This may include, but not be limited to, the areas of advocacy, accommodation, finance, adjustment/loss and relationship

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology provides assessment & therapy services to children and adults who have communication and/or swallowing disorders. This includes speech, language, voice, fluency, literacy, infant feeding, cognition and clients requiring laryngectomy